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Find your interest amulet, Trade your legacy item.


Basic features for starter


  • Visit and observe auction

  • Follow realtime auction


The essential to start reaching your customer


  • ... Included all from Free plan

  • Participate in biding

  • Participate in auction conversation

  • Open auction upto quota(5 Auction)

  • Notify auction timeout

  • Notify auction nearly timeout


Maximize space and notification for your fluid trade

฿299/monthor฿3,299≈ 8% discount/year

  • ... Included all from Standard plan

  • Open more auction upto quota(15 Auction)

  • Notify when falling from highest bider

  • Notify when their are a first bidder of auction

  • Notify auction converstaion for auction owner

  • Notify auction schedule

We assemble all your needs.


Fast and accurate to match your very desire items.

Bidding Items

Participate in delay-free system. This will not gonna slow you down.

Real-Time Bidding

Won't miss any bid pasts you for a second.

Open Auction

Easy way to open auction when ever you need.

Auction Status

Update status of auction in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to confirm identity?

You can confirm identity by go to Confirm Identity plaese fill in every topic.

How to Create account?

You can click Register to join Puchida.

What package do we have?

You can review detail of package at this page Membership Package to decide which one that suit you.

What payment method for membership?

There was two method credit card and QR Code.

Forget password

You can reset password by Forget Password to reset password

How many auction can be open?

Auction qouta are depend on membership package